DSC 7801 300x239 Six Top Urban Farm Hub Posts of 2014

Happy 2014!!!

2014 was a great urban farming year!  A mild winter and warm summer boosted yields and best of all Kathleen and I got a chance to connect with more readers both virtually and in-person.

Each year it’s interesting to look back through the analytics and see what posts were on top.

Here are the top six for this year:


Every year we have a holiday open house and I make homemade eggnog.  This nog will  sustain one through the dark, cold days and bring holiday cheer to any occasion.

DSC 1546 300x200 Eggnog!

Lots of luscious eggs.

First separate twelve egg yolks and whites then beat the yolks until thick and creamy.

DSC 1547 300x200 Eggnog!

Beat them well.

Next slowly add in a pound of powdered sugar and beat until well mixed.

DSC 1548 300x200 Eggnog!


Now comes the heavy whipping cream; you will need two quarts of this dreamy stuff.  Add it slowly and beat until thick and well, creamy.

DSC 1549 300x200 Eggnog!

Time for the egg whites.

Let the mixture sit for two hours then beat egg whites until almost stiff and fold them in to the nog.

Top with a dusting of freshly grated nutmeg and have a bottle of brandy or rum on hand for people to add to their cup.  To serve I use a glass punch bowl that I got at Goodwill; this time of year they have quite a selection for great prices.

(As with any raw egg product do be a good host and let people know so they can decide whether to indulge or not.  Sad to say there are some nasty bacteria that can be spread by raw eggs so people with weakened immune systems should probably steer clear.)



Real Snow Cones

Waking up last week and seeing snow my first thought was how beautiful it all looked and my second thought was that it was time to pull out the orange simple syrup from the candied peel adventure.

IMG 2980 1024x836 Real Snow Cones

Collect and pack down some clean snow.


IMG 2982 1024x773 Real Snow Cones

Drizzle on the syrup or concentrated juice.


IMG 2983 1024x748 Real Snow Cones


IMG 2979 1024x768 Real Snow Cones

Enjoy the beauty while eating your snow!



Fingerless Gloves

Each year the knitting compulsion starts to build as the days get shorter and colder; by the holidays it’s in full swing and my main desire in life is to sit by the fire, listen to a really good audiobook and knit like crazy.

DSC 1542 300x244 Fingerless Gloves

Here are some of the different color combinations to try!

This year I have been making fingerless gloves for holiday gifts.  My initial response to these was that my fingers and thumbs were going to be cold but surprisingly they stay pretty warm and it’s great to be able to use your hands for things.

These gloves are easy to make and you can go wild in the creativity department.  It’s also really satisfying to complete your project pretty quickly.

First cast on about 48 stitches; add more if your hands are really big or a bit less if they are small.  I use circular needles as the yarn stays on them, it’s easy to carry your projects around and it makes for a smoother finished product.

DSC 1545 300x200 Fingerless Gloves

Make the wrist first.

Next knit two, pearl two to create a ribbing for the wrist.  You can make the cuffs whatever length you like and can dress them up by using differently colored yarns.  To make really warm gloves knit a long cuff then fold it back on itself to double it.

Once your cuff is of the desired length straight knit a few rows.  At this point you want to put in stitch markers and start adding in a stitch on each row to make the thumb.  Here is where you can get creative with changing the yarn colors or doing cable stitches.

When you have about 17 new stitches added in try the glove on to see if the thumb area is long enough; if not then keep knitting but don’t add in any more stitches.  Once it’s long enough then put the addes stitches on a piece of yarn and knit the circle closed.  Keep going until your glove is almost as long as you’d like it to be.  To finish it do a circle of straight knitting then do the ribbing of knit two, pearl two as you did in the beginning.  Once you have a half inch or so cast off and finish off the thumb.

To finish the thumb pick up the 17 stitches from the piece of yarn and pick up some of the stitches from the body of the glove .  Knit until the thumb is the desired length then cast off.  Trim loose pieces of yarn and then you’re all set!

Fun with Cable Knitting

Cable knitting is, if possible, even more addictive than Fair Isle patterns.  Best of all it’s pretty easy to do if you have the right tools and some good patterns.  I like using cables on things like mittens and fingerless gloves as it makes them much easier to fit on a variety of hand sizes.

Clover 3008 Jumbo Cable Fun with Cable Knitting

I like these needles for holding the stitches to be cabled.


IMG 2788 768x1024 Fun with Cable Knitting

Cable knitting mittens help them fit better.


IMG 3216 1024x768 Fun with Cable Knitting

Cables are great for fingerless gloves.


IMG 3212 738x1024 Fun with Cable Knitting

More intricate cables can be used for small bags.

Here’s a fun site on the basics of cable knitting.

Do you have patterns you love?  Comment here or on Facebook and I will post them!



Candied Orange Peel

This time of year I love making candied citrus peels.  Sometimes we use the sweet sharp peels in cookie and fudge recipes and sometimes we just eat them straight.  You can also dip them in chocolate for a lovely blend of flavors.

  • 3 thick-skinned organic navel oranges
  • 2 1/4 cups sugar, plus extra for rolling
  • 3/4 cups water


Take a sharp knife and cut off the top and bottom of each orange.  Score them and peel off the skin into quarters.


IMG 2848 1024x882 Candied Orange Peel

Peel oranges.

Use the fruit of the orange in other recipes.  Cut the peel into strips 1/8 to 1/4 inch wide.  Put in a saucepan and cover with water.

IMG 2847 1024x972 Candied Orange Peel

Cook peels

Bring to a boil then pour off the water.  Repeat this process a couple of times.  Remove the white pith from the orange peel.

IMG 2861 768x1024 Candied Orange Peel

Slice into thin strips and remove white pith.

Combine the sugar with the water and put the softened peels and the sugar syrup into a crockpot on high heat.

IMG 2862 1024x768 Candied Orange Peel

In crockpot

Cook until the peels are translucent.  Drain the peels.  When they are still moist roll them in sugar.

IMG 2866 1024x616 Candied Orange Peel

Ready to eat!

You can use the orange flavored syrup in other recipes.



Urban Farming Notecards

Looking for that perfect urban farming gift?

Five note cards for $12.95.  Email Diana at ankataa@yahoo.com or use PayPal here.

IMG 2920 1024x824 Urban Farming Notecards

Note cards

Urban Farm Hub Calendar!

What better gift for that urban farmer in your life than an urban farming calendar! $24.95 plus shipping,  (11.5 x 14 inches), email Diana at ankataa@yahoo.com or visit here to use PayPal.

040 300x225 Urban Farm Hub Calendar!


city and market 022 300x225 Urban Farm Hub Calendar!


Columbia City Farmers market 002 300x225 Urban Farm Hub Calendar!


DSC 5406 300x200 Urban Farm Hub Calendar!


DSC 8918 300x240 Urban Farm Hub Calendar!


DSC 9869 300x200 Urban Farm Hub Calendar!


DSC 0076 300x240 Urban Farm Hub Calendar!


city and market 028 300x225 Urban Farm Hub Calendar!


IMG 1771 300x240 Urban Farm Hub Calendar!


046 300x225 Urban Farm Hub Calendar!


DSC 7801 300x239 Urban Farm Hub Calendar!


More Fair Isle Knitting

It’s cold and time to knit!  I have been playing around more with Fair Isle knitting and think it could take a lifetime to explore all the interesting colors and patterns that can be used.

small hat 1024x768 More Fair Isle Knitting

From sheep to hat!

IMG 3379 1024x768 More Fair Isle Knitting

Another pattern

IMG 1781 1024x768 More Fair Isle Knitting

Two contrasting colors work well.

IMG 0194 More Fair Isle Knitting

This is one of my favorite color combos.

IMG 2216 1024x634 More Fair Isle Knitting

Color gradations can look good.

IMG 2785 634x1024 More Fair Isle Knitting

Mittens are great!

UFH 077 300x240 More Fair Isle Knitting

A round up!


The season of wondering what in the world to give people for the holidays is upon us.  I really enjoy making people things but it can be a challenge to figure out something that people will actually like.  This has not always been something I have been particularly good at; I remember the year everyone got neon potholders then there were the health bars filled with lots and lots of wheat germ and bran.  Here are some suggestions of things you can make that have had much better receptions!

Stone necklaces are pretty simple and low cost to make and you can put together a range from demure, made with tiny rocks, to large showy pieces with rocks studded with mica.

DSC 1531 300x200 Holiday Gift Ideas from Urban Farm Hub

These stone necklaces are quite easy to make and are popular gifts.

If you like to take pictures then note cards can be fun to make also.  You can get card making supplies at stores like Paper Source.

IMG 7627 300x225 Holiday Gift Ideas from Urban Farm Hub

Cards and a stone necklace!

Goats milk soap makes great gifts; it is easy to ship and can be made in all different colors and shapes to suit even picky people on your list.

s6 Holiday Gift Ideas from Urban Farm Hub

You can leave these a natural ivory color or use vegetable dyes to add variety.

People usually love getting homemade herb blends.

sage rosemary rub kalynskitchen 300x200 Holiday Gift Ideas from Urban Farm Hub

Herb blend picture from Kalyn’s Kitchen.

If you are looking for an attractive way to package your homemade gifts putting them in baskets can be quite attractive.  If those baskets are ones you made then all the better!

b4 Holiday Gift Ideas from Urban Farm Hub

Baskets can hold other gifts or be a present just by themselves.

IMG 4442 289x300 Holiday Gift Ideas from Urban Farm Hub

A different style of basket.

Here’s how to make fingerless gloves in a snap!  Here’s how to do easy hats.

small hat 1024x768 Holiday Gift Ideas from Urban Farm Hub

Hat and fingerless gloves are quick and easy to make.

Probably the most popular gift I give is raspberry jam.  This could be a bit challenging to make this time of year but it can be done with frozen berries.

r2 Holiday Gift Ideas from Urban Farm Hub