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Here’s how to make another type of basket! Starting First cut slits in four of the spokes in the center of the spoke. Next make a slant cut on the ends of the non-slitted spokes so it is sharp and pointed. Slide the cut end spokes through the slits in the other spokes. This basket […]

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Tray Basket

Tray baskets are easy to make and useful for many things! Judy from Fishsticks basketery taught a great class at the 2018 Cattleman Expo.

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Dogwood and Willow Baskets

It’s warming up, the weather is clearing and the basket making fever is coming!  Making baskets is pretty straight forward but you do need some patience and a more materials than you would expect. To make a basket first make a good strong wreath out of the dogwood.  I often fasten one part with wire […]

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